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This Week’s Winner – Stupid Online Tips

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This Week’s Winner – Stupid Online Tips

 Our Stupid Online Tips contest is now closed, but we sure had couple interesting ones, to be sure. Now it’s time to reveal this week’s winner.

Last week, we asked PowerWallet users to tell us about the most ridiculous tips they have found online. From guava leaves to stop bleeding, to breast milk for styes to hopping around on one leg to get crud out of your eye—they were rather unusual.

Stupid Online Tips Winner

Stupid Online Tips Winner Sam J.

We had to go with Sam J. for the tip about getting stuff out of your eye: “Stand on one leg, hop one time and spit.” We haven’t tried the trick yet, but we think it deserves the prize this week.


Thank you to all who commented, and Sam, your $25 gift certificate is on its way.


Keep coming back for more contests and content!

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